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Turbocharging CRM Decisions with Predictive Analytics


What is Enterprise Intelligence?



An intelligent approach to become a customer-centric organization

Extract intelligence and insights from large data volumes and apply their learnings to help enterprises become customer-centric. Continue to learn, adapt, and evolve faster than your competition, powered by business decisions based on insights.

Create hyper-personalized customer experiences powered with real-time insights and increase engagement, right from online shopping to in-store.

Federated Innovation Approach
Access vital market data and win customers across geographies

Drive innovation at a local level with analytic indicators to spot early trends that can go regional or global. Our “Federated Learning” approach arms retail businesses with rich insights from market data to compete with local niche players and bump up market share while minimizing inventory costs.

What can enterprises do with the Federated Innovation approach?

  • Better understand fragmented data across geographies, and deploy learnings in local and global markets
  • Detect key signals from multiple customer touchpoints from an omnichannel perspective
  • Use sentiment analysis and product analysis to develop precise demand forecast models
Omnichannel customer engagement
Drive immersive customer interactions with rich multichannel data

Build a seamless, fluid, and personalized experience with a unified view of customers across all channels, including online, mobile, and retail. Engage, secure and retain customers, both old and new, with access to powerful insights that provide customer interaction data which is ready for business use.  

How does this solution re-imagine shopper interactions?

  • Optimize margin and order fulfillment costs by enabling in-store pickup, and ship-to-home journeys
  • Real-time customer feedback across channels and devices
  • Predictive insights drawn from AI and ML create high-value customer experiences and personalized interactions through bots
Omnichannel Customer Engagement Solution
Advanced Consumer Insights
Tailor experiences across the customer journey and gain intelligent insights

Create a superior experience throughout the customer journey from awareness through purchase and subsequent customer support with a holistic 360-degree customer view. Forecast market trends and customer behavior with a data and analytics-driven approach.

Right from awareness to purchase, our solution, with its analytics-driven approach, gives a full 360-degree view of customer data, customer behavior and intelligently forecasts trends. We help clients build a scalable data infrastructure that factors current and future data needs without compromising affordability.

How do we equip enterprises to understand customers better?

  • A scalable data infrastructure that factors current and future data needs without compromising affordability  
  • Predictive analytics for better forecasts as well as product and service recommendations 
  • Cost reduction through inventory, distribution, and logistics optimization  
Advanced Consumer Insights Solution
AI for Retail Fraud Prevention
Mitigate retail fraud and spot risks with smart data tools

Get real-time monitoring and insights to mitigate financial loss and improve customer trust with our AI-led governance solution that adds a robust behavioral modeling layer to an enterprise data platform. Detect behavioral risks with incoming data from multiple channels and flag anomalies that help mitigate financial losses and improve customer trust.

How can retailers govern their data better and prevent fraud?

  • Spot abnormal behavior early on and instantly react to avoid potential attacks with remedial prescription
  • Communicate early warnings to regulatory bodies to build enterprise-wide vigilance
  • Detect anomalies and trigger signals leveraging Ontologies and mapping customer data in Knowledge Graphs
Retail Fraud Prevention Solution
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Client speak

"Customer profiling was previously a challenge for us but is now a simple task, with tools that help us automate such processes and connect better with customers. Kudos to the team at Mastech InfoTrellis!"

CMO of a Food Chain

"Mastech InfoTrellis helped us implement the right solution to gather holistic customer data to arrive at actionable insights. Our organization has been able to improve the identification of customer needs and act on them with speed."

Chief Production Officer of an Apparel Company

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