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Outperform InsurTechs by modernizing your legacy insurance infrastructure

Intelligent insights to accelerate enterprise intelligence


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Ai & network analytics

AI & Network Analytics: An intelligent approach to win back lost customers

Knowledge Graphs for Fraud Detection1

Knowledge Graphs for Fraud Detection

Derive intelligent insights from a scalable and future-ready data infrastructure

Effectively plan and execute digital transformation for your insurance enterprise by evaluating legacy infrastructure, internal processes with future-ready intelligent solutions. Stay ahead of the curve by orienting your enterprise offerings as the market evolves and continuously meet your customer expectations.  

Continuously learn, adapt, and evolve faster than the competition by employing data analytics, AI, and Machine Learning in insurance operations. Power your enterprise with faster application processing, reduced risk of fraud with solid governance practices, smart automation, and superior enterprise intelligence. 

Comprehensive InsurTech platform
Improve insurance operations and customer service with digitized tools

Achieve speed, scale, and resilience with digitized insurance platforms that minimize user complexities. Reduce paperwork, implement easy-to-understand terms and conditions, improve customer service and engagement across multiple channels. Improved enterprise intelligence helps derive crucial insights that simplify the customer experience and maximize claim processing speed, reducing manual dependencies.

How does modernizing legacy infrastructure help insurance operations?

  • Personalized customer experience built with data-driven profiling, analytics that helps insurers achieve speed in processing claims and payment collection
  • A holistic view of customer data that allows insurers to access multiple data points and achieve customer-centrism
  • Intelligent data insights enable enterprises in providing competitive rates and offers
  • Knowledge graphs present behavioral data that help in observing customer interactions and tailor customer targeting for the right services
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Efficient fraud detection and reputation management
Prevent regulatory risks and frauds with an AI-powered platform

Automate regulatory compliance processes and minimize disruptions during future regulatory changes with AI/ML techniques. Gain higher efficiencies by flagging risks with AI-driven tools that signal early warnings for better risk management. Reduce false positives and only react to incidents that the AI-driven platform deems critical.

How can your enterprise mitigate frauds and regulatory risks with superior efficiency?

  • Prevent unnecessary regulatory intervention concerning enterprise managed/used customer data with AI/ML rule-based data governance 

  • Machine Learning and smart automation enables better risk scoring and prepares for future occurrences of similar scenarios  

  • Make better risk selection by scrutinizing multi-channel data, including criminal past, credit history, and more 

  • High-level compliance maintenance that triggers reactions to both end-users and regulators through automated engineering 

fraud detection and reputation management
Smart Invoicing and Claim Analytics
Stay informed about invoicing errors and mitigate risks with smart AI insights

Identify and react to inconsistencies in invoices, with a solution built to alert insurers of potential risks. Our AI-powered platform is designed to dissect data and present gaps, risks, invoicing errors in a comprehensive dashboard. Collect payments with smart automation and relieve insurers of manual tasks.

How do smart invoicing analytics enable streamlined payments and collections?

  • Rank order for medical or healthcare providers who have a likelihood of issue/lawsuit class action
  • Track existing trends on critical ailments, diagnosis and treatments, patient demographics, treatment type, and more particulars concerning the treatment
  • Pre-identify claims that could become high-cost losses with predictive analytics
  • Review previous claims for similarities and send alerts to claims specialists automatically
Smart Invoicing and Claim Analytics
Competent technology and infrastructure adoption
Implement modern technology solutions and accelerate insurance service delivery

Accelerate digital transformation by deploying modern application infrastructure that establishes a digital-first, scalable culture. Our AI/ML-powered solutions help build dynamic systems that accommodate self-service interactions for enhanced customer engagement.

Why is modern, scalable technology a must for insurance enterprises?

  • Automation of manual, repetitive tasks reduces human errors and empowers insurers in focusing on the core operations
  • Firmer control over governance and regulatory policies through built-in AI/ML rule-based monitoring
  • Speed up a new product or new feature implementation through automation process
Competent technology and infrastructure adoption
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Client speak

"Mastech InfoTrellis successfully compartmentalized and transferred years’ worth of crucial data into a secure and compliant platform that enabled easier access of claim and customer data."

COO of an Insurance company

"Mastech InfoTrellis’ data governance solutions met our legal and regulatory requirements, helped us modernize our legacy system, and ensured data quality and integrity were intact."

Insurance Advisor at an Insurance & Risk company

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