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Smart-banking solutions for a compelling Customer Experience

Grow in the digital landscape with data-powered insights


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AI & Network Analytics: An intelligent approach to win back lost customers


CX Unleased for Banking with Oracle


Knowledge Graphs for Fraud Detection - Use Case

Build fundamental data capabilities for a customer-centric approach to banking

Accelerate business growth with solutions custom-made for banks. Continuously learn, adapt, and evolve with real-time, actionable, and timely insights for continuous enterprise learning with our scalable, cost-effective data infrastructure.

Remain competitive and relevant while meeting new customer expectations, starting with a mobile-first approach. Derive intelligent analytics from trusted data supported by our strong governance practices. 

Mobile-first Banking
Customize banking user experience with Artificial Intelligence

Provide an intelligent mobile-first, digital banking experience that gives an intuitive and personalized user experience powered by AI, Machine Learning and Ontology-based knowledge graphs.

How does our solution accelerate business growth?

  • Build a competitive advantage while increasing revenues
  • Increase customer loyalty with better engagement and reduce customer churn
  • Identify potential revenue opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling with real-time insights
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Digital Solution for Agile and Dynamic Banking
Secure customer loyalty and create engaging experiences

Provide customers a dynamic, hyper-personalized banking experience to drive loyalty by developing an agile and comprehensive digital approach to customer engagement.

How does our dynamic banking solution increase revenue?

  • Increase customer acquisition and retention with active engagement throughout the customer journey
  • Drive profitability and increase wallet share by accurately identifying customer needs within an engagement context in real-time
  • Develop deeper client relations by amplifying user-time spent on digital apps and driving conversations
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Open Banking and Investment Services
Unbounded banking experience with third-party integrations

Provide your customers a personalized Open Banking experience that gives them access to a third-party marketplace integrated with core offerings, all within a single, secure, privacy-preserving platform.

Move from a transaction-based model to a relationship-based model - 

  • Eliminate siloed data and provide a holistic view of customers
  • Leverage behavioral attributes across service interactions with AI-driven insights
  • Operate within cloud-native infrastructure and governance structure designed for Open Banking
Banking Investment Services
Regulatory Compliance for Banking and Financial Services
Prepare for banking regulatory needs with AI-driven tools

Automate regulatory compliance processes with AI Ops and advanced Machine learning capabilities driven by trusted data. Our technology can minimize the disruption of future regulatory changes, privacy, and regulatory risks.

What does an automated compliance process do for your enterprise?

  • Improves false-positive adjudication to accelerate transaction approval
  • Applies transaction monitoring analytics to reduce risks and drive better outcomes
  • Intelligent automation of Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) with advanced algorithms
Banking and Financial Services
Business Process Operations
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Smart Data Governance Process
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Scaling Up Anti-money Laundering Investigations In Today’s Digital World

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Marketing Performance Improving
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Let's talk about how we can work with you