Data Modernization

Cloud Data Warehouse:

Horses for Courses

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Are you facing challenges in selecting the ideal data warehouse solution tailored to your organization's unique requirements? Look no further! We invite you to an enlightening webinar, "Cloud Data Warehouse: Horses for Courses,"  a deep-dive conversation on the impact of different use cases while choosing the right data warehouse solutions. Also, know how we seamlessly migrated our client’s on-premises data and applications to the Cloud.

Watch our engaging on-demand webinar to explore intriguing insights presented by our panel of data specialists.

Key Takeaways

MDM Architecture

Choose the Right Tools & Technologies

Prioritize partnerships and integrations with existing tools and technologies when selecting data warehouse platforms.

data experts

Consider Multiple Personas

Factor in diverse organizational perspectives, including stakeholders like accountants, while making data warehouse platform decisions.

decision makers

Stay on Top of the Evolving Landscape

Stay ahead in the ever-evolving data warehouse landscape to embrace advancements that benefit your organization.

MDM technologies

Adopt a "Right to Left" Approach

At Mastech InfoTrellis, we take a holistic approach, considering all aspects, from right to left, to create a roadmap for sustainable data-driven growth.

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Elevate Your Data Management with Cloud Data Warehouse Solutions.



Enhancing Upselling with MDM and BI Reporting

Achieve over 7X service resolution boost, revenue expansion, and streamlined customer data utilization with our MDM and BI solutions.


Data Modernization: 50% TCO Reduction

Attained 50% lower TCO, 80% better Data SLAs, and expedited new product launch via seamless data ecosystem modernization for a global finance firm.


Enhancing Enterprise Data Quality with AI-Enabled MDM

Reduce costs by addressing poor data quality with AI-enabled MDM, saving up to $15 million annually.