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Zions Bancorp Uncovers Customer to Customer Relationship with AI/ML

Our Session at Gartner® Data and Analytics Summit 2024


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Unlocking Customer Relationships: Zions Bancorp's Journey with AI/ML

Mastech InfoTrellis partnered with Zions Bancorporation to deploy a customer data foundation to identify, track, and optimize relationships, leveraging advanced analytics techniques like AI/ML. Watch the recording to learn how we built the bank’s MDM capabilities, generating high-quality data required for seamless integration with the Data Analytics environment. Jacob and Brandon shared how they develop models to identify existing customer relationships and to improve the outcomes over time. Connect with us to understand the impact of advanced analytics on the future of banking.

Key Takeaways 

  • Unlock AI’s true potential:
    Understand the Value Chain of Data and how you can unlock AI’s true potential with data.
  • Machine Learning for Relationship Identification:
    Learn how to utilize ML, particularly graphical neural networks, on platforms like TensorFlow, to enhance relationship mapping.
  • Operationalizing Insights:
    Discover the importance of operationalizing ML insights beyond model development with user-friendly visualization tools.
  • Use case of AI/ML in banking:
    Learn how we deployed a customer data foundation required to identify, track, and optimize relationships leveraging advanced analytics techniques like AI/ML.


9:30AM - 11:30AM


Welcome Speech and Introduction

Laura Laurati - CTO, Head of Coding

11:30AM - 1:30PM


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Sarah Skedul - Founder of Druugle AG

2:00PM - 4:30PM

Room R4.02

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Ergi Kayote - CCO, Actionkraft

Our Speakers

Brandon Thomas

Chief Data Officer, Zions Bancorporation

As Zions' first CDO, Brandon is responsible for shaping the company's data strategy, focusing on building strong business partnerships and implementing agile methodologies. An advocate for MDM, common data models, CDEs, accountability, and metrics, he leverages advanced analytics to identify measurable and tangible growth opportunities—deepening customer relationships, attracting prospects, and increasing revenue. Committed to fostering data literacy and continuous learning across the enterprise, Brandon is instrumental in Zions' data-driven success in the banking industry.

Jacob Samuel

Global Head, Practices and Delivery, Mastech InfoTrellis

As the Global Head, Practices and Delivery, Jacob Samuel leads the efforts in shaping clients' digital transformations with a systematic and strategic perspective. Jacob brings unique strategic insights and a successful track record of connecting customer-centric outcomes with business goals and approaching product development with an ingenious touch. He has cultivated an innovative outlook toward problem-solving, combining design, service, and systems thinking.


Building Blocks of Artificial Intelligence

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