Support for Data Governance

Data is what powers the functions of an enterprise. As data continues to grow within the enterprise, businesses must have a strategy to manage and govern their data and learn from their data to stay competitive.

To increase productivity and gain valuable insights, data must be managed and controlled to be used by the business easily. The lack of set data standards and the absence of a well-designed data structure prevents companies from getting a consolidated view of their data. As a result, enterprises are losing valuable time and resources in resolving data issues instead of focusing on using their data to drive business value and growth.

Moreover, the increased regulatory compliance requirements around sharing and storing data require a better framework to govern enterprise data.

MIT Veriscope is designed to handle all this and more.

Making Data Governance intuitive

MIT Veriscope is a one-of-a-kind product built to support MDM and governance programs with analytics, reports, dashboards, alerting, and ad hoc queries. MIT Veriscope analyzes master data and transactions to support data governance, making your MDM implementation more effective. The system identifies quality issues within your master data, tracks changes, and helps you monitor your data usage. MIT Veriscope can be scaled up to track hundreds of millions of master data records and tens of millions of transactions per day.

MIT Veriscope tool dashboard view

Designed with the end-user in mind and quick time-to-value, MIT Veriscope comes with over 100 pre-configured analytical scans and a dozen parameter-driven reports provided out-of-the-box. Quick to install, MIT Veriscope provides MDM users with a comprehensive understanding of how their master data is changing. It reveals trends in data quality challenges and issue resolution, data composition, consumer activity, and SLA attainment.

Support for MDM

MIT Veriscope’s powerful analyzer can generate over a dozen reports on a scheduled or on-demand basis and support multiple output formats, time dimensions, periods, and breakdowns. Reports could include Changed Data Trend Analysis, Data Quality Trend Analysis, SLA Attainment by Transaction, Data Load, Performance Analysis, and more. With Veriscope, you can even create customized reports based on your unique business needs.

MIT Veriscope can be explicitly configured to your MDM implementation and includes support for multiple MDM products. Notably, the implementation of Veriscope has very minimal impact on the real-time operations of the MDM hub.

Data-driven business programs

Regardless of the industry vertical, Master InfoTrellis Veriscope enables its users to:

  • Audit the effectiveness of their MDM tool and identify and recommend changes to increase efficiency
  • Generate real insights from accurate data and enable broader use of trusted data while ensuring compliance
  • Evolve your business over time to rely on data for strategic business decisions with Mastech InfoTrellis Veriscope implementation

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