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Success Story

A Universal Tag Platform that reduced Cloud costs by 50%

Mastech InfoTrellis helped a leading global publisher and advertising tech service streamline its tag management in an optimal costing chain.

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The Challenge-2

The Challenge

The cloud, engineering, and ongoing maintenance costs of the in-house tagging platform for the publisher were limiting the ability to scale.

The existing tagging platform was inefficient, and the team was leery of expensive re-engineering efforts.

The tag management had to be addressed to create a high degree of reliability and allow engineers to focus on more critical tasks.

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Key outcomes of our implementation
Mastech InfoTrellis helped the client deploy the aqfer Universal Tag as its data collection and partner identity synchronization platform.
More than 50% reduction in costs on tag management.
Quicker integration with partners within minutes and not days owing to trusted tags.
Aqfer Universal Tag now delivers billions of tags per day.
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