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Episode 1 | November 30, 2022

What is Enterprise Intelligence?

Hosted by Jeff Pohlmann

In the first episode of the series on Enterprise Intelligence, Jeff Pohlmann, VP & GM, Data Engineering and Prad Upadrashta, Chief Data Science Officer at Mastech InfoTrellis, explore what Enterprise Intelligence is, how the term has evolved over the years, and its significance in Mastech InfoTrellis' business portfolio.

Jeff Pohlmann
Jeff Pohlmann

Vice President, Mastech Infotrellis

Jeff comes to Mastech InfoTrellis after a successful tenure at Teradata as VP, Americas Consulting. Prior to joining Teradata, Jeff held executive roles at Oracle, Big Data/Analytics, Genpact, Industrial Analytics, IBM, Global Oil and Gas Innovation, and SPSS, Analytics Consulting. Jeff served around the globe as an officer in the United States Marine Corps. He brings with him +20 years of experience in global consulting, sales, and operations.

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