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About the IBM MDM User Group

The IBM MDM User Group includes End Users, Consultants, and Developers from all around the world, who regularly meet to share their experiences and best practices. Launched in September 2020, the group meets virtually to discuss their product knowledge, implementation experience, product updates and offers a panel discussion on trending topics. There is also an MDM online group within IBM’s DataOps online community with an active discussion forum. We regularly share the event schedule, presentations, meeting recordings, and resources there.

Expert Insights

Master Data Management (MDM) – The Second Wave

We are now seeing the second wave of MDM, and here are some essential tips for implementing MDM based on the learnings from the first wave – both successes and failures.

IBM MDM Batch Processor - Tips for better throughput

Processing large volumes of data might cause performance issues during the Batch Processing stage, thus bringing down the TPS. Here are some potential root causes that influence the Batch Processor performance and its remedies.


Conducting an ROI assessment of your MDM project is critical to ensuring that your company can get the most out of its MDM implementation.How do you demonstrate an ROI for an MDM solution to manage customer data?


Simplifying MDM On The Cloud, And Is it Right for You?

In today’s world, there is greater awareness concerning MDM than ever before. MDM technologies have matured over the years. Cloud infrastructures have become mainstream with advancements in supporting technologies, reduction in bandwidth costs, and improved security. These factors are contributing to much buzz around MDM, particularly about MDM on the cloud.

Adopting the cloud model is a major decision, as it requires careful planning covering areas such as strategy, architecture, implementation, and sustainment. Are you considering cloud as an option for your MDM deployments? How is the cloud factor influencing decisions today, and how will this movement shape the future?

Case Study

The largest MDM implementations worldwide with over 1.2 billion data records
Implementing a centralized, worldwide customer account master
Migration of 7 million customers and 34 million policies to the new MDM Architecture