First party Data in a Cookieless world

Cookiepocalypse will be the death of the current marketing and digital advertising environment. Marketers need to revamp of their current ecosystem with a robust First-party data strategy. In this webinar, our CX experts explore how you can do that while preparing for the end of third-party cookies.

Watch the recording to find out what the future with First-party data looks like and how to transition to cookie-less marketing.

Key Takeaways

What does the death of Third-party cookies mean for your enterprise? How can you equip your marketing team to navigate this ecosystem?

What is First-party Data, and how can your organization adopt and acclimatize to its mechanism?

How can your enterprise gather First-party Data to run cookie-less marketing campaigns?

Our Speakers


Daniel Jaye

CEO and Co-Founder,

Tom Winchell

Enterprise Solutions Executive,

John Kariotis

VP and GM Customer Experience,
Mastech InfoTrellis

Architecting CX Intelligence: A Conversation with Aqfer on How to Digest the Cookiepocalypse

In this episode of CX Unleashed, listen to John Kariotis, VP and GM, Customer Experience, Mastech InfoTrellis, and Dan Jaye, CEO and Co-Founder, Aqfer, chat about First Party Data and how to survive the 'cookiepocoplyse' without becoming a digital zombie.

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