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Data Science AI Accelerators

Accelerate digital transformation and achieve faster time-to-market with AI Accelerators

Ready-to-use Accelerators to implement projects with speed

Enable quick project sprints and add exponential value across every engagement, with pre-built and configurable AI Accelerators that embody Continuous Learning principles. Explore vast data sets quickly by training bots, ignite rapid digital transformation and innovation with Predictive Analytics, and enable decentralized teams to work together with greater fluidity.

Foundational AI Accelerators for rapid adoption
Ontology Bank

Power predictive and prescriptive analytics with our readymade Ontologies bank that develops a graph-based semantic structure of enterprise data. Get access to maintenance-free data structure mapping that updates as it gleans emerging patterns over time.

Smart Ingestion

Unlock the ‘dark data’ potential by identifying insightful data to enrich predictive and prescriptive insights. Transform unstructured data into a structured format for simpler consumption and application in other business processes.

Data Quality Intelligence (DQi)

Qualify data readiness for reporting, AI, and Analytics consumption with DQi, evaluate the stability of data pipelines through Statistical Process Control (SPC) methods and reduce processing errors with AI bots.

Advanced AI Accelerators for accelerated Digital Transformation
Smart Data Prep Assistants (SDPA)

Perform intelligent analytics with SDPAs that query fit-for-use data required for specific analytics and leverage graph-based elastic searches for self-learning. Unearth hidden data with exploratory analytics, which prevents data scientists from securing all data requirements manually.

Feature Miners

Continuously mine datasets involving optimal predictors for a specific model and determine the best possible routes to derive target business outcomes. Boost human performance with AI and Augmented Intelligence that provide predictive insights and exercise greater control to mitigate risks before they occur.

Smart Storytellers

Gain access to neatly filtered and packaged narratives of automated reports that communicate insights through user-friendly write-ups and intelligent dashboards. Evaluate related insights from different data sets collated by Smart Storytellers and leverage them to translate into valuable actions.

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