Data Science AI Accelerators

Accelerate enterprise digital transformation by leveraging AI Accelerators

AI Accelerators enable data and analytics driven innovation

Mastech InfoTrellis partners with clients to help them become Data and Analytics Driven organizations, leading with a “culture first” approach to AI adoption across the enterprise. Mastech InfoTrellis has built a set of AI Accelerators, which follow Continuous Learning and Enterprise Intelligence Hub guiding principles. AI Accelerators enable quick sprints to incremental business value across every engagement.

AI Accelerators enable rapid innovations by powering up Deep Learning and Computer Vision analytics to help enhance predictive and prescriptive models, explore vast data sets quickly by training bots, and turbocharge investigative analytics using cognitive networks and Enterprise Knowledge Graphs. The accelerators are flexible and can be configured easily to reduce the time to value in each step along the journey to enterprise-wide AI adoption. In today’s highly distributed post-Covid world, AI Accelerators have become more significant, enabling decentralized teams to accomplish data and analytics objectives faster.

AI Adoption in the Digital Transformation Journey

Mastech InfoTrellis AI Accelerators enable organizations to execute digital improvements in their business process instantly, showing immediate ROI from being data and analytics driven in sprints along their digital transformation journey.  The more success realized per sprint, the more the cultural shift towards creating AI-driven improvements thrives, creating digital transformations that last. Transformation begins with setting a future-ready data foundation, fit for AI and analytics use for years to come, and equipped with smart ingestion and data quality metrics and intelligence. With minimum viable data achieved, analytics use cases are solved with predictive and prescriptive algorithms of varying levels of advanced analytics. The entire line up of AI Accelerators are leveraged in each and every stage of this transformation.  

Foundation AI Accelerators

Ontologies are at the heart of building enterprise knowledge graphs, providing a semantic model for enterprise data that can power predictive and prescriptive analytics. Mastech InfoTrellis has an ontology bank where ready-made ontologies can be borrowed to accelerate developing a graph-based semantic structure of enterprise data. The bank provides a maintenance-free data structure mapping that updates as it gleans emerging patterns over time.
Mastech InfoTrellis’ Smart Ingestion engine helps organizations unlock the potential in ‘dark data’ by shedding light into how they can enrich predictive and prescriptive insights. It transforms unstructured data into structured format for easier consumption in predictive and prescriptive models, and for use in other business processes.
Mastech InfoTrellis’ Data Quality Intelligence accelerators evaluate the stability of data pipelines through Statistical Process Control (SPC) methods and can apply AI bots with self-healing capabilities, to reduce processing errors. DQi helps qualify the readiness of data for reporting, AI and Analytics consumption.

Advanced AI Accelerators

Smart Data Prep Assistants (SDPA)
Data preparation for models is an arduous and iterative process. Mastech InfoTrellis’ SDPAs query fit-for-use data required for specific analytics, while nominating other potentially useful predictors or features self-learned from their graph-based elastic searches. These SPDAs turn up both the specific data elements requested for analysis, and relevant data that may not have been considered prior. Equipped with both supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms, SPDAs are highly useful in content tagging and exploratory analytics, reducing the burden on the data scientists to come up with exhaustive data requirements on their own.
Feature Miners
Mastech InfoTrellis’ Feature Miners automatically and continuously mine datasets for the optimal set of predictors for a specific model. For statistical prioritization models, they find candidate predictors. For AI/ML models, they find the best set of features that tell the story of how a target outcome would prevail. They are analytics assistants maximizing total predictive, explanatory power, or both, and exemplifying the boost in human performance derived from AI as Augmented Intelligence.
Smart Storytellers
Mastech InfoTrellis’ Smart Storytellers are a narrative packaging of automated graphs and reports, using autoML to sift insight from dynamic data, producing user-friendly write ups with little human intervention (e.g. a smart sales report, or a smart Covid dashboard). Using both conventional analysis and reporting techniques, coupled with advanced Natural Language Generation (NLG) techniques, Smart StoryTellers find related insights from other data and collate them into an easily consumable report.

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