Data Science Advanced Analytics Services

Power up analytics game to the next level

Cognitive networks and Knowledge Graphs

Mastech InfoTrellis provides Data Science Advanced Analytics Services to help enterprise clients take their Analytics game to the next level. These services are designed to solve business problems with AI-driven decisioning systems and smart automation. Clients can leverage Mastech InfoTrellis’ AI Accelerators to power up data mining capabilities with deep learning and computer vision analytics to help enhance predictive and perspective models, explore vast data sets quickly by training bots, and turbocharge investigative analytics using cognitive networks and Enterprise Knowledge Graphs. 

Solve strategic business problems 

Customer Experience Excellence 

Clients can explore outcome scenarios of the next best action programs for CRM with Knowledge Graph simulations run with data from across the enterprise, holistically.

Risk Mitigation Excellence 

Mastech InfoTrellis can help enterprises mitigate risks, system vulnerabilities, and contagion by detecting early warnings using Knowledge Graph analytics.

Revenue Excellence

Clients can discover revenue opportunities from existing resources or alternative data using Knowledge Graphs.

Operations Excellence 

Operations Excellence helps decide and act on simulations to optimize operations quality, quantity, and turnaround time.

Unique Methodology

Step 1: Define Business Problem and Data

The process starts by defining business problems and data challenges. Analytics advisors hold an initial assessment and strategy workshop to identify specific analytics needs.

Step 2: Data Preparation 

Leveraging Mastech InfoTrellis’ industry expertise and AI Accelerators, data is first prepared and a benchmark for qualifying new predictors is established.

Step 3: Content Tagging and Training Iterations

Model accuracy and reliability of features is continuously improved in this phase of work. 

Step 4: Validation

The process finishes with model tuning, testing, and learning.

Key Benefits

  • Knowledge Graph powered by self-learning semantic tagging
  • Smart Automation can drive self-learning service desks to maximize customer experience excellence
  • AI-driven Simulation and Optimization can make decisions from scenario modeling of the past, present, and future in – products, pricing, customers, supply chains, operations, and organization-culture

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