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Mastech InfoTrellis makes the transition to the latest version of Netezza, the IBM Netezza Performance Server smoother than before with its proven expertise and high-performance delivery.

For decades, systems, servers, and platforms have been developed to usurp evolving, current technologies. Companies who take an all-or-nothing strategy to chase these latest technologies have frequently found themselves spending significantly more than anticipated in their idealized plans and retreating to a medium ground where both old and new technology are leveraged.

In such hyper-converged systems, the technical hurdles involved in migrating to the Cloud infrastructure and handling humungous scales of data can be quite a challenge for enterprises. They would require a reliable technology partner to help overcome the hurdle.

This is where IBM Netezza can help you.

Meet the better, faster, stronger Netezza from IBM

The IBM Netezza Performance Server for IBM Cloud Pak for Data is a high-performance data warehousing and analytics platform used on-premises or on the Cloud. This next iteration of Netezza enables you to work with data science and machine learning with data volumes reaching into the petabytes, thanks to the additions to in-database analytics capabilities.

NPS on Cloud Pak for Data is the first step on your journey to harnessing the power of Data Analytics and migrating to the Cloud.

Netezza for Deep Analysis and AI

Enterprises need a resilient data warehouse and analytics platform that can help them address their business needs and track ongoing growth with proven expertise. This is where Netezza Performance Server can be a game-changer.


Fewer ETL Requests

Netezza Performance Server is location agnostic in nature. NPS increases performance with data visualization and enables access to all your data at a single point.


Faster SQL Performance

Netezza Performance Server is built on Asymmetric Masssively Parallel Processing architecture and hence is extremely fast, boosting your hardware performance for handling petabytes of data.

Upgrade to Netezza. Get in touch to discuss your best options.

Migration to Netezza Performance Server

The migration to IBM Netezza Performance Servers for IBM Cloud Pak for Data can be tricky for enterprises due to the technical complexities involved in the transition and require technology experts to handle it all at ease.

Mastech InfoTrellis can help you deploy the IBM Netezza Performance Server on IBM Cloud for Data, be it on-prem, hybrid, or Cloud/multi-Cloud platforms.

Here’s what we have to offer:


Base Assessment Pack

Improve your data quality consistently through trusted insights, and deliver it across your enterprise at scale to facilitate data-driven decision-making through Data Governance strategy, implementation, and optimization.

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Business Value Assessment Pack

Determine the relative value of your enterprise data across the data sources and enable the analytics necessary to drive better performance and attract more significant ROI from the suggested analysis.

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Architecture Assessment Pack

Architecture Assessment for IBM Cloud Pak for Data is a blueprint for effectively architecting enterprise intelligence to drive the proper business outcomes. The pack helps you design a well-devised Data Governance strategy and a roadmap to help you address your data needs, manifest your vision by partnering with the right stakeholders, and assist in assessing the data needs by identifying key business and IT gaps.

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The Expertise Pack

Mastech InfoTrellis’ Expertise package for IBM Cloud Pak for Data is an efficient way to deliver Cloud Pak for Data with three off-the-shelf packages, a fully integrated data and AI platform which runs on any cloud.

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Mastech InfoTrellis will help you leverage agile methodologies to develop the primary use case with a clear project plan to iterative cycles with bolt-on application support to optimize the use of Cloud Pak for Data, scale solution, and expertise. The answer will also provide you hands-on enablement to familiarize you with your platform and the relevant functionalities.

Key Features

  • Data installation and configuration services
  • Migration of existing Data & AI assets
  • Data platform management offerings

The Five S of Netezza



A single GUI access point to help you monitor system resources, administer database objects, configure workload management, and view active sessions. It can be upgraded with just a single command: nz_migrate.



Combine storage, computing, networking, and software into a single system, reducing complexity and increasing scalability, provisioning, and scaling with minimal human intervention.



Leverage state-of-the-art hardware technologies such as faster cores and highly performant NVMe drives to achieve up to 3x SQL performance over previous generation systems.



The Netezza Performance Server requires minimal ongoing maintenance, cutting down costs on internal resources and implementation to a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). This is almost 1/4th the TCO of public cloud storage.



Enable your data scientists to build, iterate and execute models from relevant enterprise data through data mining, statistics, predictions, transformations, geospatial analytics, and data preparation.

Learn why you should move to the best version of Netezza available

Mastech InfoTrellis will help with your ambition to accelerate innovation by fast-tracking the migration of your existing enterprise Data and AI assets to Netezza Performance Server for IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

Talk to our expert to find the best solution for you.