Moving enterprise applications to the Cloud: an essential element of digital and business transformation strategy

Enterprises in all industries are moving their applications and system workloads to the Cloud. Cloud technology has matured and today it offers cost efficiency, agility, and speed-to-market benefits that are hard to ignore. The implementation choices range from Public Cloud services on an enterprise platform of choice, e.g., Azure, AWS, IBM Cloud, or GCP, to a Private Cloud installed at the enterprise, to a hybrid-cloud (the increasing mix of Public and Private Cloud services).

Moving your existing applications and system workloads to the Cloud may not be as straightforward as you think. Newer applications designed to be Cloud-native can leverage the modern Cloud operating environment, such as Docker and Kubernetes, providing scalability and portability in a secure and governed environment. Some of the legacy non-Cloud-native applications can be moved to the Cloud to benefit from a more scalable and cost-effective environment.

How do we move applications to the Cloud?

MIT has been a pioneer in assisting enterprises to run their MDM applications in the Cloud. 

We have done this on the Azure and AWS Cloud platforms, even before the MDM applications were designed to be cloud-native. Today, our MDM Move to Cloud Assessment Pack is a popular offering for all enterprises looking to run their MDM application in the Cloud.

Over time, these MDM applications will contain more Cloud-native capabilities. More and more Cloud-native applications are becoming available today, such as those integrated into IBM Cloud Pak for Data. MIT’s Enterprise Intelligence Hub (EIH) solution is Cloud-native by design.

Enterprises partner with MIT to install and manage these applications on Red Hat OpenShift to leverage Docker and Kubernetes technologies.

MIT’s Move to Cloud services include the following (cloud provider agnostic):

– Installation of Red Hat OpenShift
– Migration or installation of appropriate applications
– 24×7 managed services of MDM, Cloud Pak for Data, EIH, and any other applications

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