Master Data Management

Increased business effectiveness and efficiency are driven by a single source of the truth

Unboxing Mastech InfoTrellis MDM Cost-Saving Assessment Pack

In the new normal, reduce your cost without compromising on your MDM program objectives

Master Data Management: The second Wave

A blog by Kelvin Looi, Chief Customer Officer

The first step in data transformation

Enterprises have multiple sources of data, some structured, some unstructured, and some of it duplicated. Without being able to organize data and have a single source of truth, enterprises cannot make progress in their journey of transformation, growth, efficiency, and risk management. MDM makes this journey possible.

MDM Solutions and Services

Mastech InfoTrellis represents one of the world’s largest and deepest concentrations of technical and strategic talent for MDM and Data Strategy. Mastech InfoTrellis’ experience working on large and complex MDM implementations with global companies has led to the crafting of specific use case-based, industry solutions that can be implemented in as little as four months while delivering business value – reduced cost, improved revenue, improved risk and regulatory compliance. Mastech InfoTrellis offers a short-duration base pack of assessments varying from one to six weeks that validates the approach, priorities, and benefits. These base pack assessments include:

  • MDM Business Value
  • MDM Architecture
  • MDM CCPA/GDPR/PDPA Readiness
  • MDM Data Quality and Data Governance
  • MDM Upgrade
  • MDM Move to Cloud
  • MDM Program Cost Saving

Industry-specific Use Cases

  • Customer service and product preference
  • Customer onboarding with KYB/KYC/AML
  • Customer and family-centric upsell/x-sell
  • Customer and family-centric risk management
  • Open banking directive support
  • Enhanced underwriting
  • First notice of claim support
  • Customer and family-centric upsell/x-sell
  • Broker/underwriter portal support
  • Improved new business clear-casing
  • EMPI
  • Streamline regulatory compliance
  • Payment consolidation
  • Single Enterprise payer/provider registry
  • Effective & efficient interactions
Telecom and Publishers
  • Order-to-cash improvement
  • Fraud reduction
  • Household/multi-product & service discount bundling
  • Household usage pattern analysis support
  • Customer/product life cycle event identification
Retail and CPG
  • Vendor portal
  • New product introduction
  • Enterprise product catalog
  • E-commerce enablement
  • Customer/product life cycle event identification
  • Vendor master
  • Customer & supplier hierarchies
  • Customer self-service portal
  • Supplier performance management
  • Asset and location management
Education and Government
  • Student services hub
  • Golden view of residences
  • Accurate planning (e.g. funding, demographic, service)
  • Enhanced threat & fraud detection
  • Advanced fee/tax collection support
Cross-industry MDM Initiatives:
  • CCPA/PDPA/GDPR readiness
  • Once-and-done service automation
  • Enhanced regulatory reporting
  • Omnichannel enablement
  • Single Enterprise customer registry
  • Centralized consent management
  • New product introduction (NPI)
  • Enterprise product catalog with bundling
  • Product analysis and recommendation
  • Up-sell and x-sell optimization

In addition to the MDM Services—Mastech InfoTrellis offers Veriscope, a one-of-kind product built to support MDM and Data Governance programs with analytics, reports, dashboards, alerting, and ad hoc queries. Read more.


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