Master Data Management: The first step in your data transformation journey

Enterprises have multiple sources of data, some structured, some unstructured, and some of it even duplicated. Without being able to organize data and have a single source of truth, enterprises cannot make progress in their journey of transformation, growth, efficiency, and risk management. MDM makes this possible.

Our MDM solutions and services

MIT represents one of the world’s largest and deepest concentrations of technical and strategic talent for MDM and Data Strategy. Our experience working on large and complex MDM implementations with global companies has led us to craft specific use case-based, industry solutions that can be implemented in as little as four months while delivering business value – reduced cost, improved revenue, improved risk and regulatory compliance. We offer a short-duration base pack of assessments varying from one to six weeks that validates the approach, priorities, and benefits. These base pack assessments include:

  • MDM Business Value
  • MDM Architecture
  • MDM CCPA/GDPR/PDPA Readiness
  • MDM Data Quality and Data Governance
  • MDM Upgrade
  • MDM Move to Cloud
  • MDM Program Cost Saving

Business value delivered through MDM, the MIT way

Our focus with MDM implementations is to help clients articulate and realize the business ROI in reliable Master Data, across functions and geographies.

Our library of proprietary accelerators and tools delivers disproportionate value in reduced implementation risk and shortened time-to-value.

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