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Data Curation: ensuring the entire corpus of enterprise data is exposed for enterprise learning

In the digital age, the deluge of data available to enterprises has made the need for Data Curation self-evident. Enterprises need to gather, maintain, and archive data at ever more significant volumes to retrieve accurate data reliably.

Our proven solution offerings help clients integrate their vast amounts of enterprise data effectively and efficiently in order to meet their business needs.

Helping enterprise data custodianship through Data Curation

Working with our clients, we adopt a collaborative and holistic approach to address Data Curation and Governance issues. We first conduct a detailed investigation to understand the root cause of data quality and associated semantic issues. We then assess the current state of information management. This helps us propose a solution that can be implemented in areas that need fixing. Based on this assessment, we assist the client by designing a future-proof roadmap, in compliance with the regulations, specific to the identified areas. The roadmap can be refined based on each of the incremental Data Governance requirements. The assessment solution is designed to engage with the client and evaluate people, processes, technology, and ROI.

Data Curation will increase as the exponential growth in data continues

Based on our understanding of the current challenges, we define the project scope with a comprehensive proposal covering the deliverables, timelines, risks, expectations, and costs. During the curation process, enterprise data is organized, described, cleaned, enhanced, and preserved for use, to make it accessible now and in the future. We help clients access the curated data, driving increased business effectiveness.

We activate the client’s management of data by reducing threats to their long-term value and mitigating digital obsolescence through our offering. Data Curation complements Data Governance when customizing information but does not replace it.

Our offering in Data Curation enhances collaboration by opening and socializing how data is used, resulting in innovation.

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