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MIT’s Smart Ingestion Engine: How undervalued data are discovered

There is a lot of data in an organization that goes undiscovered and unmined. Routine files, logs, PDFs, audio and video, are only a few examples. Often times, even when there is an inkling that this data may be important, the lack of know-how to transform the data into usable formats makes it easier to just ignore. It is only in the context of systemic shocks and an (inevitable) black swan event – like a pandemic – that decisioning systems need a dose of new insights and such obscure data are suddenly remembered. Fortunately MIT has developed a Smart Ingestion Engine, which makes ingesting data into a usable format easy.

Our AI-powered Smart Ingestion Engine transforms data from different sources and forms to provide valuable context for enterprise use cases. It makes insights extraction easy, enabling enterprises to improve their business processes and predictive models practically in real time.

Unlock the potential of data - known and unknown

The transformed data are funneled to the Enterprise Data Bus, so they can be presented as “ready-to-use” Starter Ontologies. Acting as accelerators, these Starter Ontologies, with their multiple data dimensions, activate powerful Knowledge Graphs that in turn create new predictive insights.

With the use of our Smart Ingestion Engine, we significantly reduce the time, cost, and effort in the manual data ingestion process. We help clients realize their returns on their Data Science investments the quickest way possible.

For all those times you thought your data was undervalued, you were right. It’s now time to realize the value inherent in your data.

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