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We enable enterprise marketing teams to manage the phasing out of third-party cookies while improving the collection, management, and activation of enterprise data.

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Our First Party Data Solution can help you with:


Security and compliance for GDPR/CCPA


Ability to attribute digital activity to the marketing campaigns and sales


Integration with any data environment for cross-channel analytics


Support cookie generation and recognition for data


Ability to reconcile AdTech and MarTech identities


ID Synchronization and Data Governance enhancement

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We help marketers and ad networks manage phasing out of third-party cookies


Data Control

Partners only access it on your terms and per regulations.



Support device linkages and ingest data from online and offline sources



Leverage multiple techniques to determine user identity with high accuracy (when deterministic data is unavailable)


Data Delivery

Parsed and validated data delivered on a batch or streaming basis

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First party Data in a Cookieless world

Find out what the future with First-party data looks like and how to transition to cookie-less marketing.

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How Universal Tag Solution helped drive engagement at scale by 50%

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