Customer Experience Service Accelerators

Accelerator framework to boost Customer Experience

Leverage expertise from 2000 personalized Customer Experience (CX) projects to decrease the time to market and risk with vertical-focused CX Accelerators customized for rapid success.

CX Accelerators increase business velocity

The Mastech InfoTrellis Customer Experience (CX) Service Accelerators helps clients quickly implement Customer Experience Solutions in retail, banking, and healthcare among many different industry verticals. The Customer Experience Accelerator suite uses a set of frameworks that allow clients to get a head start on their implementation. The frameworks, which are vertically specific, are typically about 60-70% complete and they are further customized based on a client’s unique systems, requirements, and strategy. The Accelerator suite reduces the implementation time and reduces the risk of a very complicated project.

Customized Functional Accelerator

Customer Service Accelerator
Customer Service Accelerator
Comprises of omnichannel service automation, integrations with operational systems, and standard operational analytics.
CX Marketing Accelerator
Marketing Accelerator
Designed to boost an enterprise's marketing tasks with omnichannel marketing automation, customer master, marketing database, and performance reports.
Customer Experience Sales Accelerator
Sales Accelerator
Provides sales analytics services, account management services, and opportunity management services.
CX Field Service Accelerator
Covers implementing an application for the dispatch function and implementation of field mobile applications and optimizing field routes by job and skills.
Customer IQ Accelerator
Customer IQ Accelerator
Helps in examining current investments, customizes marketing and customer metrics, and plays a key role in establishing base metrics and tools.
Customer Experience Analytics Accelerator
Customer Experience Analytics Accelerator
Helps in content tagging, rapid A/B testing, along with surveys and metrics design, and also takes care of models and forecasting of pricing, segmentation, etc.

Vertical CX accelerators

CX For Banking
  • Create a cross-sell strategy for multiple bank products
  • Triggered programs for financial and lifecycle moments
CX for Media and Telecom
Media and Telecom
  • Create churn models
  • Create triggered campaigns based on usage
CX for Insurance
  • Implement policy cross-sell campaigns
  • Personalize web and customer service interactions
Customer Experience for Manufacturing
  • Improved visibility to service with IoT
  • Increase after-sales support sales efforts
Customer Experience for Mortgage
  • Optimize acquisition through look-alike models
  • Automate sales and service processes
CX for Retail
Distribution - Retail, CPG
  • Create lifetime value models
  • Real-time personalization in web/mobile applications
CX for Business to Business
Business to Business
  • Value models per client
  • Contact and organization masters
CX for Public Sector
Public Sector & Not-for-Profit
  • Efficient fundraising platform
  • Optimize member acquisition and retention

All the above industry-specific Accelerator activities involve an accurate and holistic customer database, customer and marketing analytical performance capability, create an omnichannel customer service capability, personalized sales and service interactions creates a consistent personalized Customer Experience across channels, and provides customer intelligence to all customer-facing employees.

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