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Customer journey analytics solutions

Architecting Enterprise Intelligence to predict future behavior and
understand which marketing programs have the biggest impact.

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Supercharge your marketing with Customer Journey Analytics

Journeys are 30% more strongly correlated with crucial business outcomes such as customer satisfaction, retention, and revenue growth.

(Source: Harvard Business Review)

They say you miss 100% of the opportunities you do not take. How can you seize the opportunities if you cannot identify them in the first place?

Companies that thrive and prosper in their businesses are the ones who put customer experience at the very core of their marketing strategies. Every interaction with your customer is a marketing opportunity. We are here to ensure you seize every one of them throughout your buyer journey across all channels.

Mapping every step of the customer journey can be a challenge and an extensive process. A Customer Journey Analytics solution can help you understand customer behavior and identify key interaction points within your customer journey that can unlock lucrative opportunities for your business.

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Architecting CX Intelligence

Listen to key speakers John Kariotis, John Cutler, and Adam Greco talk about Customer Journey Analysis and how it helps increase the lifetime value of customers by optimizing their interactions.

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Drive higher revenue and faster growth by predicting future behavior

Mastech InfoTrellis' solution empowers your marketing team to boost sales and improve marketing ROI with advanced analytics to better understand your customers and predict future behavior. Build winning marketing strategies armed with rich insights and know which programs will have the biggest impact.

Real-time marketing strategy

Enable your marketing and product teams with the complete data they need to understand and improve the end-to-end customer experience. Provide real-time, self-serve answers to ask and answer almost any question about a customer’s journey. Compare and explore customer paths and uncover previously unknown segments.

Customer conversion and marketing optimization

Identify what experiences create friction with step-by-step breakdowns of all paths taken by them. Measure and improve outcomes by tying product strategy and decisions to the impact on customer personalization. Create meaningful impact and increase customer monetization, engagement, and retention by illustrating user insights.

Behavioral targeting through machine learning

Leverage technology to predict future behavior and personalize at scale. Enable powerful personalization to programmatically predict future behavior and build customised campaigns to fit the customers’ likelihood of activating, purchasing, or even having a high value of return.

Improved decision-making through AI-enabled analytics

Highlight connections between customer base trends. Optimize campaign content, frequency, and offers for higher customer engagement, and instantly sync them to your marketing automation.

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Demystifying Customer Journey Analytics

Watch our CX experts discuss how a tight collaboration between product and marketing teams can promote a positive customer experience.

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Customer Journey Analytics with Mastech InfoTrellis

Mastech InfoTrellis’ Customer Journey Analytics experts can help your organization:

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Success Stories of Customer Journey Analytics


Grocery delivery service provider achieved a 10% lift in Conversion by Understanding User Behavior

Get more visitors to complete their first order by tracking users across web and mobile to get a complete picture of user behavior from landing page to checkout.

Results Achieved:
  • Helped the client identify and prioritize opportunities for growth
  • Employees can independently make informed product decisions backed by user behavior data
  • Employees can explore user data and find insights, enabling much faster testing and iteration cycles

“We now have a much clearer sense of where our users are getting confused or dropping off, and we are continuously identifying new opportunities for improvement and growth.”

– Consumer Growth Product Manager

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