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Why Customer Data Platform Services?

47% marketers take more than a week to analyze and draw conclusions about the success of a marketing campaign or a change to the customer experience and 52% marketers say that it is because there’s a lack of the right tools and also little co-ordination between the ones they have.

(Source: Forbes)

Most enterprises sit on a treasure trove of data–but most of it is siloed in a spider web of disparate systems. The disconnected systems lead to an incorrect understanding of customers and in turn ineffective marketing strategies. Marketing organizations have no choice but to track the newest trends and to look for ways to simplify their ability to capture, analyze, and act on both anonymous and known customer interactions.

CDPs are the future, that enable enterprises to offer customers much better user experiences than before. However, not all CDPs are the same, and many software companies are jumping on the acronym band wagon. How to choose the right CDP—one that will prove its value and actually deliver on all the promises you’ve heard about? It all depends on your CX strategy. Whether you are starting from scratch or looking to augment your CDP’s capabilities, we can be of help.

Digital Transformation Revolution

How CMOs Are Leading the Digital Transformation Revolution

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The Marketer's Tech Stack-CDP and Marketing

The Marketer's Tech Stack-CDP and Marketing

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The Mastech InfoTrellis Solution for Customer Data Platform

Create amazing brand experiences across multiple channels of customer interactions with a single view of customer data. We help you make better marketing decisions based on rich insights by managing multiple data sources in a single platform to create a 360-degree view of your customers. We help you implement, manage, and utilize your Customer Data Platform (CDP) to its maximum potential to drive business growth.


Get in-depth analytics with a unified marketing environment


Deliver personalized experiences across all channels


Better engagement with real-time data and analytics


Reduce operational costs with effective automation

Customer Data Platform Services to transform your Marketing

The right CDP

We help enterprises choose the right CDP-one that will prove its value and deliver on all the promises based on the Customer Experience strategy. We help you understand and evaluate your current capabilities and infrastructure to decide on the right CDP or if a CDP can actually increase their marketing efficacy.

Single Source of Truth

We will create a single master source of your customer data using your CDP vendor’s data management tools. Normalize, standardize, and integrate information from various sources of information to create the centralized customer database.

MDM Expertise

Matching customers across disparate databases, synchronizing anonymous customer to known customers, and creating the golden record is paramount to every marketing organization. We are leaders in the master data management arena and have been successfully implementing customer master solutions for our clients for more than 15 years.

Marketing Automation

Leverage your CDP to augment your marketing campaigns. We will design and develop segmentation strategies, customer journeys, real-time orchestration, next best action, and omni-channel campaigns to make best possible use of your Customer Data Platform.

Advanced Analytics

Get rich insights from your CDP data with our advanced analytics capabilities. Get the metrics to evaluate and optimize your marketing strategy and make smart decisions with intelligent reports, interactive dashboards, and predictive models.

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Success Stories of Customer Experience for Marketing

Success Story | Retail Banking

Unified Customer Data Platform for a North American Retail Bank

Consolidated six different marketing systems and customer data resources from their recent acquisitions in the banking sector.

Benefits Achieved:
  • Decreased time to market
  • Migrated over 200 marketing campaigns to the new environment
  • Designed an overall customer data model to support all bank businesses
  • Created new marketing reports for better analysis of campaign performance
  • Increased cross-selling services to new customers
  • Increase in digital customer engagement
  • Increased revenue due to cross-sell activities

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The Mastech InfoTrellis Approach to CDP Services

Architect Customer Intelligence with Mastech InfoTrellis Customer Data Platform Services

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