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Drive revenue growth and optimize cost with improved CX

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Optimize Customer Experience across Sales, Service, and Marketing with relevant, coordinated, consistent, and personalized experiences informed by analytics.

Mastech InfoTrellis, with its recent acquisition of AmberLeaf Consulting, has added substantial depth in Customer Experience Services. AmberLeaf brings significant capabilities and experience to Mastech InfoTrellis in the area of Customer Experience powered by AI and analytics. AmberLeaf is one of the pioneers in Customer Experience Services having delivered over 2000 projects over the years.

Below are the highlights and expertise from each of these areas.

A Customer Experience CoE can help!

CX Strategy
CX Strategy
Advise, Define and Coach
CX Operational Strategy to align corporate goals to achieve Customer Experience expectations.
CX Policy
CX Policy
Assess, Define and Refine
CX governing process and procedures to support the strategy and offer guidance to achieve stated benefits.
CX Technology
CX Technology
Design, Implement and Manage
CX technologies that enable customer experience to meet the increasing demands of customer’s expectations.
CX Data
CX Data
Aggregate, Clean, Analyze and Manage
CX data, infrastructure, and integrations that quickly support improvements and enhancements.

A holistic strategy for Customer Experience

Delight customers with a holistic Customer Experience strategy across the enterprise

Customer Experience Sales Optimization
Sales Optimization
Enhance close rates through better access to data and analytics.
Customer Experience Marketing Optimization
Marketing Optimization
Attract, nurture, convert, and satisfy more customers through highly personalized messaging supported by automated solutions.
Customer Service Optimization
Customer Service Optimization
Optimize the customer’s omnichannel experience through self-service, agent-based interactions, and your mobile field service.

Customer Experience Data and Analytics

Analytics enables a data-driven Customer Experience strategy

Drive high levels of customer engagement with a data-driven, analytics-based customer experience approach across all channels of interaction.

A data-driven customer experience approach across all channels of interaction

Roadmaps, Accelerators and CXaaS

Customer Experience Advisory Services
Customer Experience Advisory Services
Create an effective roadmap to drive better Customer Experiences across the enterprise.
Customer Experience Accelerators
Customer Experience Accelerators
Reduce time to value for multiple client Customer Experience projects at a lower cost.
Customer Experience as a Service (CXaaS)
Customer Experience as a Service (CXaaS)
Optimize the customer’s omnichannel experience through self-service, mobile field service, and agent-based interactions.

Success Stories

Customer Experience Sucess Story

Integrated Suite For Contact Center Solution

Mastech InfoTrellis recently collaborated with an Auto Supply organization that serves car dealerships across the United States to streamline their contact center solution into an integrated suite with chat, email, knowledge, customer portal, and telephony capabilities. The integrated Customer Experience solution enabled the Customer Service Representatives to have a consolidated, holistic, 360-degree view of Orders, Account, and Delivery Schedules and better understand the types of inquiries from customers.

Customer Experience Sucess Story

Consolidated Platform to Manage Student Interactions

Mastech InfoTrellis recently helped a University that faced disconnected support processes supported by various technologies, which resulted in fragmented student interactions. Mastech InfoTrellis configured and integrated critical student data from university systems and developed the training program to educate departmental staff on meeting the ever-changing demands of their students. As a result of the efforts, the flexibility of CX Cloud solutions, and the vision of the university, they are now able to easily facilitate positive…

Customer Experience Sucess Story

Multi-Channel Experience for E-Commerce

Mastech InfoTrellis recently collaborated with one of the largest beauty supply retailers that experienced rapid growth over the years and found itself having multiple systems that offer similar functionality in their contact centers. Mastech InfoTrellis solution addressed their issues to decrease operational costs and reduce phone and email volumes with a robust knowledge base tool, web self-service smart assistance, and intelligent interaction routing.

Customer Experience Platform for a Leading Factory Automation Solution Provider

Mastech InfoTrellis recently helped an industry-leading automation solutions provider in North America create an exceptional customer experience that was delivered through a lifecycle-oriented services platform to expand after-sales support for its global customer base. We automated the work order process by integrating Oracle Field Services with resource planning which improved visibility into the actual workforce capacity, intelligently set and adjusted quotas, and observed critical tasks’ lockdown capacity.

A Leading South American Insurance Company

Mastech InfoTrellis recently helped a leading South American Insurance company reduce the time needed to quote auto insurance from 25 minutes to 10 minutes. The company provides risk-management solutions for individuals and companies, and Mastech InfoTrellis designed its client data forms to deliver a 360-degree view of each customer. The solution enabled them to provide personalized service tailored to the individual needs of their customers quickly and efficiently.


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