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There is tremendous pressure for IT to transform their enterprise into a fast-moving learning organization that can transform application development to an agile methodology and also leverage the lower cost and flexibility of the Cloud.

Most IT organizations are not positioned to exploit the Cloud to its fullest potential today. Dealing with the bewildering array of Cloud choices while simultaneously transforming to an agile development methodology is daunting, to say the least. Embracing new architectures of containers and microservices, moving to an “always-on” Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) mode of development, and automating the provisioning and ongoing management of supporting infrastructure (IaaS) and platform (PaaS) services, is non-trivial.

The skills required to support agile application development in this new environment can be broadly classified as DevOps and CloudOps. These include:

  • Improved automation of the development infrastructure
  • Simplified Cloud provisioning and application deployment
  • Continuous monitoring and management of both the applications and underlying Cloud infrastructure

Mastech InfoTrellis can help IT organizations embrace both modern application development methodologies and Cloud adoption aggressively, with a sustainable strategy leveraging a combination of application development skills, deep DevOps and CloudOps expertise and ongoing managed services capabilities, implemented on relevant tools and platforms and delivered through a Mastech InfoTrellis Cloud Center of Excellence (CoE).

Meet the CloudOps/DevOps challenge

Most IT teams are not well-prepared to exploit the Cloud effectively (CloudOps):

  • Conflicting priorities managing existing applications/infrastructure with Cloud
  • Little familiarity with Cloud infrastructure – private/public/hybrid across AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM, Oracle
  • Supporting new modes of agile application development on the Cloud
  • Continuous optimization of Cloud applications for cost AND performance

Adopting agile application development methods, in parallel, adds to the complexity (DevOps):

  • Agile helps IT move with the speed of business, but breaks prior models of development
  • CI/CD forces the automation of other operations for dev/test/integrate/deploy
  • A microservices/container architecture requires a more responsive infrastructure (like Cloud) to scale effectively
  • Networking, security, and continuous operations come together as Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

Mastech InfoTrellis can help! 

Mastech InfoTrellis can help navigate this complex world based on proven expertise in helping clients migrate complex data applications and data pipelines from on-premise infrastructure onto public/private/hybrid Clouds, helping control costs while maintaining normal application performance. Mastech InfoTrellis can help across the spectrum from cloud-native application development to re-platforming complex applications onto public, private or hybrid Cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Service Offerings

Gain from Mastech InfoTrellis team of advisors and consultants—who will chart and build a Cloud journey roadmap to reduce DevOps and CloudOps challenges in Cloud adoption, while supporting best-practices of agile application development. Read more

Mastech InfoTrellis can help enterprises with Cloud adoption and deployment of both cloud-native applications and the migration of existing applications to the Cloud.
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Mastech Infotrellis can help clients build and manage all their Cloud infrastructure and DevOps and CloudOps practices with a one-stop delivery model through the Mastech InfoTrellis Cloud CoE. Read more

Success Stories

Implementing Single View of Customer on Cloud

A global content publisher had various systems dealing with customer information, and each system maintained its own silo of information. They were facing issues with inconsistent customer data and data quality issues.  Mastech InfoTrellis implemented the IBM MDM solution on AWS Cloud that achieved rapid time to value and allowed the solution to scale dynamically. The effective probabilistic match algorithm enabled the identification of better-matched profiles and met the high-performance SLA of online search.


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