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What it means to be an Analytics Advisor in today’s data and computational environment

By Maria Singson | November 19, 2021
Today's businesses must derive insight from decentralized and multi-modal data near real time (NRT) in order to hyper-personalize customer interactions. There's a lot to unpack in this sentence: Businesses must be able to intercept the right...

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Data Science, Intelligence

Smart Ingestion: Using ontology-driven AI

By Prad Upadrashta | October 12, 2020
Our clients frequently complain that their understanding of their business is hampered by the fact that much of their vital data resides as ‘dark data’ in silos that don’t reside on traditional IT...
Data Science, Intelligence

Knowledge Graphs for Fraud Detection - Use Case

By Deepti Soni | September 4, 2020
Financial frauds are expensive, not just in terms of the money involved, but also for poor customer experience and loss of customer trust. There are many types of financial frauds, such as...

Enterprise Intelligence Hub: A new impetus in your Data Strategy 

By Kelvin Looi | July 2, 2020
The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us all valuable lessons on a personal, societal, and global level. Over these past few months, I've done some self-reflecting of my own, but I also wanted to...
Data Science, Intelligence

Telling Stories in Data Science

By Prad Upadrashta | May 20, 2020
Communication is a key skill in any field. Without communication, we would be hard-pressed to drive change in an organization. We need to communicate ideas well to ensure that the people that help...

The Value of Ontologies: A Visceral Understanding

By Prad Upadrashta | January 13, 2020
I often struggle to explain the value of ontologies to my clients. The word ‘ontology’ itself sounds complicated, academic, pompous, bombastic, and irrelevant. For that matter, the word bombastic...
Data Science, Intelligence

Big Data Analytics and augmented patient care

By Aradhana Pandey | July 25, 2019
Why Big Data in Healthcare is so required?
Data Engineering, Intelligence

Tableau - Your Visual Interface to Data

By Varun Sodhi | July 25, 2019
In the current aggressive business condition, utilizing the data resources of an association is vital to building effective worldwide business endeavors of the future. Multiple organizations burn...