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Data Management

Next-Generation MDM - Architecting Intelligence for the Future

By Jeff Pohlmann | May 5, 2022
Master Data Management (MDM) can best be described as an organization's core data repository containing the basic information essential to conducting business. The recording and management of an organization's master data can be attributed to...

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Data Engineering

Enterprise Data Bus – What? How? And Why?

By Jim Strickland | June 5, 2020
What is an Enterprise Data Bus (EDB)? An EDB is a collection of data management and analysis...
Data Engineering

The Data-Driven Ecosystem and Domain Ontologies

By Jim Strickland | April 3, 2020
As your enterprise moves toward being data driven, the ability to derive a domain ontology from...
Data Engineering

Why do Big Data projects fail?

By Jim Strickland | March 4, 2020
When you read the marketing spin on Big Data and the tools available today, you may deduce that...
Data Engineering, Intelligence

Tableau - Your Visual Interface to Data

By Varun Sodhi | July 25, 2019
In the current aggressive business condition, utilizing the data resources of an association is...
Data Engineering

Blueprint for a successful Data Quality Program

By M.S Udankar | July 25, 2019
Data Quality - Overview Corporates have started to realize that Data accumulated over the years is...
Data Management, Data Engineering

Approaching Data as an Enterprise Asset

By Abhishek Kamboj | July 25, 2019
If you walk into a meeting with all your senior executives and pose the question:
Data Management, Data Engineering

Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT)

By Suhasini | July 25, 2019
The Internet has come a long way from a shaky dial up to the interconnected revolutionary world we...
Data Management, Data Engineering

EDW Readiness Checklist for adding new Data Sources

By Anand.K | July 25, 2019
Overview It is common practice to make changes to the underlying systems either to correct...
Data Engineering

Connecting MongoDB using IBM DataStage

By Muthulakshmi P | July 25, 2019
Introduction MongoDB is an open-source document- oriented schema-less database system. It does not...
Data Engineering

Connecting Informatica PowerCenter to Teradata

By Junia Josephine | July 25, 2019
Teradata - Overview PowerCenter works with many databases, among which Teradata is one of a kind....