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Data Science

What it means to be an Analytics Advisor in today’s data and computational environment

By Maria Singson | November 19, 2021
Today's businesses must derive insight from decentralized and multi-modal data near real time (NRT) in order to hyper-personalize customer interactions. There's a lot to unpack in this sentence: Businesses must be able to intercept the right...

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Customer Experience

The Power of Customer Journey Mapping

Organizations across industries understand the importance of Customer Experience and are making large investments, and rightly so, to offer an enhanced experience to their customers. Companies...
Customer Experience

Modernize Customer Experience with Oracle

By John Kariotis | May 7, 2021
Leveraging Oracle Sales & Service Cloud, Field Service, Commerce, CPQ, CDM, and OIC An industry-leading automation solutions provider to many of the world's most successful companies used their...
Customer Experience

Big Data in CPG: Enabling personalized Customer Experience for a big future

By Abhishek Kamboj | July 25, 2019
This article was featured in the Q3 2014 edition of Loyalty 360's Loyalty Management magazine.