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Data Management

Next-Generation MDM - Architecting Intelligence for the Future

By Jeff Pohlmann | May 5, 2022
Master Data Management (MDM) can best be described as an organization's core data repository containing the basic information essential to conducting business. The recording and management of an organization's master data can be attributed to...

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Data Science

What it means to be an Analytics Advisor in today’s data and computational environment

By Maria Singson | November 19, 2021
Today's businesses must derive insight from decentralized and multi-modal data near real time (NRT)...
Data Science

Consumer Confidence after the COVID Crash – Is pent-up demand really backed with money?

By Maria Singson | July 23, 2021
The year and a half after the COVID crash has left consumer confidence adrift on a...
Data Science

Can Knowledge Graph Extend Battery Life in Electric Vehicles? You bet.

By Maria Singson | March 31, 2021
The ultimate innovation in electric vehicles is extending battery life without sacrificing the...
Data Science

AI Accelerators for a Better Electric Vehicle Usage Experience

By Maria Singson | March 5, 2021
Let’s not get stranded! In today’s rapidly expanding Electric Vehicle (EV) market, an EV charging...