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Data Management

Next-Generation MDM - Architecting Intelligence for the Future

By Jeff Pohlmann | May 5, 2022
Master Data Management (MDM) can best be described as an organization's core data repository containing the basic information essential to conducting business. The recording and management of an organization's master data can be attributed to...

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Data Engineering

Enterprise Data Bus – What? How? And Why?

By Jim Strickland | June 5, 2020
What is an Enterprise Data Bus (EDB)? An EDB is a collection of data management and analysis...
Data Engineering

The Data-Driven Ecosystem and Domain Ontologies

By Jim Strickland | April 3, 2020
As your enterprise moves toward being data driven, the ability to derive a domain ontology from...
Data Engineering

Why do Big Data projects fail?

By Jim Strickland | March 4, 2020
When you read the marketing spin on Big Data and the tools available today, you may deduce that...