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AML Act Readiness – Is your organization agile enough?

Are financial institutions feeling overwhelmed by the digital revolution in AML compliance? Watch this webinar! Our expert panel will show you how to leverage AI and data analytics to transform your data and compliance processes quickly and effectively. Learn how to meet the challenges of the AML Act 2020, improve data governance, customer experience, and more.


After the big data wave, backend and frontend applications have evolved to be Cloud-native and SaaSified. The rise of AI and ML demands sophisticated data processing capabilities that legacy MDMs cannot fulfill.

Our exclusive webinar delved into the heart of modern data architecture. It also explored how MDM is the cornerstone of frameworks like Data Fabric, Data Mesh, and Data Lakehouse that construct and why modernizing legacy MDM solutions is no longer an option; it is a must-do!

Watch the webinar to discover strategies to modernize MDM architecture for enhanced business agility and data-driven excellence.

Key Takeaways 

  • Understanding the Balancing Act: Gain insights into how successful modernization initiatives strike a balance between technology advancements and tangible business value. Learn practical strategies to align MDM with organizational objectives.
  • Real-World Insights: Explore real-life case studies and success stories from Mastech's diverse client base. Discover how businesses across different industries have tackled challenges in MDM and Data Modernization, and the strategies employed to achieve measurable results.
  • Overcoming Challenges: Identify common hurdles faced during modernization journeys and effective strategies to overcome them. Gain practical insights into mitigating risks, managing complexities, and ensuring the smooth implementation of MDM and Data Modernization initiatives.


9:30AM - 11:30AM


Welcome Speech and Introduction

Laura Laurati - CTO, Head of Coding

11:30AM - 1:30PM


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Sarah Skedul - Founder of Druugle AG

2:00PM - 4:30PM

Room R4.02

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Ergi Kayote - CCO, Actionkraft

Our Speakers

Michael Ashwell

Vice President and GM

Michael comes to Mastech InfoTrellis after a successful 30+ year career at IBM, where he spent the last five years leading the Data and Analytics Lab Services Cloud COE. As part of the Cloud COE, he led the development of several key IBM offerings, including the MDM, IIS, and HDP IHAH Cloud services. In addition, he managed the associated Architecture, Network, Security, and DevOps teams.

Skanda Shambamoorthy

Client Partner

With more than 20 years of data and analytics experience, Skanda is certified in Agile Scrum and IBM Cloud Sales. He leads global teams in data management projects and primarily drives strategic vision, market growth, and team development while maximizing client ROI.

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