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Anti-Money Laundering Bonfire

AML Act Readiness – Is your organization agile enough?

Watch our panel of experts discuss how to quickly and effectively transform your data and compliance processes with AI and analytics to match AML’s digital revolution.


Learn about AML compliance and how Data Science and AI technology can be key to upgrading compliance systems.

Watch the recording to hear about:

arrow The repercussions of the AML Act 2020 and what does it mean for various industries?

arrow What changes to expect in Data Governance and Customer Experience Excellence?

arrow How to accelerate investigations, leveraging graphs and AI analytics?

arrow Data Science for Risk and Value Monitoring

arrow Effect of increased scrutiny on Customer Experience

circleThe Speakerscircle


Mike Ashwell

VP & General Manager, Data Management

John Kariotis

Executive Client Partner, Customer Experience

Jeff Pohlmann

VP & General Manager,
Data Engineering

Maria Singson

VP & General Manager,
Data Science
Deepti soni

Deepti Soni

Senior Data Science
& Analytics Advisor

Michael Shaler

VP Business Development, TigerGraph