Amberleaf now a part of Mastech

Announcement: Amberleaf joins Mastech family

Acquisition will enhance Mastech InfoTrellis’ Data and Analytics service offerings to include Customer Experience Consulting and broaden its managed service opportunities

Key insights of the acquisition

  • Amberleaf will increase scale and add complementary capabilities to Mastech InfoTrellis’ current stack of offerings
  • The acquisition will strengthen and provide additional scope to implement Mastech InfoTrellis’ Enterprise Intelligence Hub strategy
  • The combined entity will provide customers with an expanded suite of service offerings, delivery capabilities, and human capital across North America, EMEA, India and ASEAN countries

What it means to Mastech InfoTrellis and Amberleaf

  • MIT will now have enhanced capabilities in customer experience strategy, global service delivery, and IP-led platforms

  • Amberleaf’s customers will have access to Mastech InfoTrellis’ “Enterprise Intelligence Hub” – powered by its data bus and knowledge graphs

  • Amberleaf will get access to Mastech InfoTrellis’ global delivery engine and robust sales and marketing capabilities